I ordered about $60 worth of product from an online store called SpaBoutique.ca. I accidentally deleted something from my cart and realized after I paid.

I emailed them promptly to request they just send me another paypal invoice for the difference so I do not have to pay the shipping again. Their website indicated to email them at orders@spaboutique.ca so I emailed them there and 4 days later got no response and then an email from Canada Post stating my package had been shipped out!!! I decided to just let that go and maybe I would order the item another time, but then when my order showed up, the most expensive product, the 15 ml tube of Gehwol nail compound had absolutely nothing in it!!! i squeezed the entire tube and no gel came out of it.

I emailed them again and a day and a half later still no response. I go online and find another email to use and them email me back stating the orders email isn't being responded by anyone because it's a do not reply. The writer tells me sorry for the inconvenience and gives me a coupon code for free shipping and completely ignores my complaint about the nail gel being empty. I emailed them back and asked what about the nail gel and i get a response telling me they weighed the item before they sent and it was full - implied that I am lying!

and gave me a 10% coupon code for next time (at this rate there won't be a next time).

I email them back to tell them that this is unacceptable I paid $30 of my hard earned money for this and I want what I paid for. They have finally agreed to "inspect the product" after I threatened a complaint but based on the way I was treated as a customer I won't ever be going back there again, and will not recommend their store to my worst enemy!

Monetary Loss: $30.

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